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In a Macrame Muddle?

We all loose our crojo now and again so its great to try something new and keep our minds busy. The recent craze of crocheted baskets and shells are a great place to start but our usual yarn just isn’t strong enough for the job.

In comes the macrame.

The word macrame instantly makes me think of the knotted owls of the 70’s,  but due to the huge resurgence of the macrame craft, there are so many different types to choose from on the market now.  Macrame cotton, rope and cord are all great to crochet with too. It is hard wearing, washable and due to its solid state it creates beautiful stitch definition. But with prices generally much more than yarn, it prevents a lot of people from giving it a try, so here is our macrame crochet low down.

YarnArt Macrame Cotton – This is the lightest weight of them all. It is an aran weight braided cotton. Its texture is like a plaited rope, almost like a tiny version of what a knitting dolly produces. It is perfect for any hard working, lighter weight projects such as shopping bags, homewares such as placemats, handbags, jewellery and keychains

YarnArt Macrame Cord 3mm – This is just a much bigger version of the macrame cotton, so its great for bigger, more heavy duty projects such as baskets, rugs, shells, trivets and plant pot covers. Do not let the 3mm fool you. The cord is about 1cm thick. The 3mm refers to the number of fibres twisted together. Cord is also fabulous for popping wire straight through the centre of it to make shapes and words. 

YarnArt Macrame Rope 3mm – This is very different to cord and cotton.  It is more structured and made up of three groups of cotton fibres twisted around each other to create a rope effect. You can crochet the same items as cord but without a doubt this will be very heavy going to crochet with. However, if you want to try something completely different, macrame rope is essentially for macrame and it makes the most amazing decorative feathers. You can see some that one of our lovely customers made in our gallery.

YarnArt Twisted Macrame 3mm – This is the same as the macrame rope but it does not have any structure to it. It is super soft and as it is already simple threads and they can be easily split, it is all ready for making any macrame projects that are combed. This is one of YarnArts newest products and I am yet to work with it to give you a full review. 


Macrame cord has a central fibrous core, so when its cut, it could leave an untidy end (if you are not able to hide the end anywhere). For example if you make a wire word. So, if you take your scissors and cut some of the centre core out, leaving just the outer cotton threads sticking up,  dab a little bostik glue onto of the cut core and fold the cotton neatly on top. Voila.

I hope you found our little macrame low down helpful and here’s to not losing your Crojo!