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10” Solid Wire Wreath Ring

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10" / 25cm copper coloured solid wire wreath ring. One provided.

Great for adorning your little crocheted items for any theme or season. You can attach your items directly onto the ring or you could cover it first by crocheting a long strip and wrapping it round or for a more instant solution, wrap it in ribbon first (also available in our webstore).

If using ribbon, you will require:

2 metres x 38mm or 63mm wide ribbon for a 10" wreath

(HELPFUL HINT: If you intend to hang the item, make sure you think about a hanging loop before covering the wreath. I put a zip tie around the wreath before covering the loop in ribbon. This gives a much better, sturdy position for the wreath to hang from. I then start winding ribbon from the zip tie and back around. I then either attach another piece of ribbon for a hanging loop to the zip tie or attach it to the front door using another zip tie).

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